Alliant Capital Management LLC is a completely independent, wholly objective, and financially autonomous registered investment adviser.

  • Completely Independent:  Alliant is 100% employee-owned. Our interests are directly aligned with our clients as there are no quotas to meet, a stock price to uphold and grow, shareholders to satisfy, or any other outside influence to divert our focus from the interests of our clients.  Decisions are based solely on achieving the client’s goals.
  • Wholly Objective:  Alliant’s compensation is directly tied to our client’s success because our management fee is solely based on a percentage of the client’s assets under management.  Alliant does not have proprietary (i.e. company owned and managed) mutual funds; so we will not utilize proprietary funds or products to capture higher or additional fees from our clients.
  • Financially Autonomous/Fee-Only:  Alliant does not receive any payments from any company as a result of our investment decisions.  For example, we do not receive any fees from any exchange-traded fund or mutual fund that we might possibly hold for our clients.  Thus, our clients can be assured that the investments selected for them are purely and solely based on merit, and not on any kind of financial or revenue sharing arrangements.
  • Registered Investment Adviser/Fiduciary:  Alliant is a registered investment adviser.  As such, we have a fiduciary duty to our clients. Not all financial and wealth management consultants are legally held to a fiduciary standard of care. It is important that the client understands the legal standard to which their financial consultant is held.