Alliant’s first priority is to understand the client’s needs as thoroughly as possible.  At our initial meeting, we discuss the client’s financial goals, objectives, and expectations.  We examine items such as risk tolerance, cash flow requirements, family and estate issues, time horizons, tax considerations, and any unique circumstances.

It is imperative that realistic assumptions and expectations are firmly established and clearly understood by both Alliant and the client from the outset.

After a thorough review of the client’s situation, an initial plan or policy is developed with client input.  This collaborative plan incorporates overall investment objectives, asset allocation targets, cash flow needs, volatility tolerance, tax issues, and any unique investment restrictions or guidelines.

As time passes, it is important that good communication exists between us and the client.  Alliant is committed to frequent, open communication and expects a similar commitment from the client.


A well-constructed and thorough investment plan may incorporate a variety of investment styles and diverse approaches.  Alliant utilizes a multitude of asset categories to capture exposure to different individual risk and return characteristics.

Referring back to our core principles, Alliant does not practice market timing and maintains a bias toward minimizing expenses and investing in a tax efficient manner.  Thus, we typically favor passive investment strategies rather than actively-managed strategies.

The actual time to fully implement the plan will vary depending on the specific client.  Since we are fee-based, have no predetermined agendas, and do not have any undue pressure to advocate particular investments, we are free to build the client’s portfolio completely based on the client’s circumstances.


Monitoring the progression of the portfolio(s) along with the client is critical to a successful relationship.  To that end, client meetings are regularly scheduled to review performance and to assess the client’s overall financial situation.  Any necessary changes are promptly addressed.

Although these discussions are paramount to complete a proper investment management program, we feel that they accomplish more than simply reviewing the dollars and cents.  Alliant firmly believes that our clients’ overall financial needs exceed just the management of their investment portfolios.  We take our position as a trusted adviser with humility and appreciation.  As such, we very often find ourselves in a position to help counsel, coordinate, and provide assistance for other components of our clients’ lives.

Our firm is structured to work with other professionals, such as attorneys, accountants, and insurance representatives, to bring our clients the best rounded team of experience to the table.  Alliant Capital Management LLC possesses a passion for objective investment management focused on serving the individual client.