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Alliant’s philosophy and mission are based on basic principles of objective, unbiased service, high ethical standards, and a fiduciary obligation to our clients.

Business Philosophy

Alliant Capital Management LLC believes that clients should be served by a team of independent and distinct professionals: a professional investment adviser, an independent accountant, an independent attorney, and possibly an independent insurance representative.  Each professional serves the client separately in his/her distinct profession, yet works jointly as a team to provide complete coverage.

We believe mixing professional responsibilities within the same company creates inherent conflicts that are extremely difficult to overcome.  Having different and distinct advisers, who are not financially tied to a common company, provides a checks-and-balances system whereby each team member can offer advice without any conflicts of interest.  In addition, if a client wishes to change any of the independent advisers, it can be easily accomplished without placing the entire team in upheaval.

Alliant can assist the client in finding professionals to fill these other roles if necessary.

Investment Philosophy

We believe that each client is unique and deserves a tailored investment solution.  That solution is determined through a series of steps, which we describe in our Process section.

There are certain core principles that form our investment philosophy and approach.  They are:

  • Our clients require and expect Alliant to possess a thorough understanding of their financial circumstances, goals, and objectives.
  • Asset allocation is the most important determinant of investment results.
  • Maintenance of a long-term investment perspective is paramount to a successful investment plan.
  • Avoidance of market-timing actions lends to more consistent and superior returns.
  • Proper investment management encompasses minimization of expenses and tax efficient strategies.
  • Diversification, in various forms, reduces overall risk and provides better risk-adjusted returns.